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Author Topic: Round # 2, GT3 Class and Caterham SP300R Cups, Bannochbrae, Feb 14th 2019  (Read 168 times)

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Race Date 1st June 2019
Qualifying starts at 1:00PM with 1 weather slot - Clear
Race starts at 2:00PM with 3 weather slots - Clear Clear Clear
Race time is x30 so there will be a day to night to day transition.
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A tootle around Scotland 😂

Well off the pace in this car. The front guys times were unreal, itís been a long time since Iíve been that far off the pace in any racing Iíve done. Good job boys.

My plan was to go steady and hope to pick up places with people getting damage etc however i ended up crashing at T1 lap 2 I was slightly put off buy a car that I guess had pitted on the outlap and just come out of the pits ? God knows 😂 After getting a pit speed penalty the race generally went ok had a couple of good battles. Pretty fun race really I enjoyed having to chase people down

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I had a great first race with the GT3. Stayed out of trouble until the last lap. I was running second by 8 sec. Iím not sure who was 9th but they spun in front of me just before the village and I ended up third.
The second race was pretty boring. Had damage on the first lap and then just drove around until the end. Was on my own most of the race other than the leaders passing me.

See you next week.

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There was only room for me to do the Caterham race this week and due to the late notification had no time to put in a qualifying time. Starting from the back I managed to stay out of trouble in the first few laps and got up to 6th place. Found a decent rhythm in the first 25 minutes and after my stop I tried to push a little bit further which immediately resulted in damage, had to pit again where they didn't fix my damage so ended up with 3 stops and finishing 12 due to a pit lane speeding penalty. A shame because somewhere between 6 and 8 was certainly possible.

Next week a track that I am familiar with, will try to pick up tuning for that race in the hope that you'll need a reserve to take a place. I found a step by step guide to tune the car so hope this can give me a hand. I haven't tuned the setup since back in the Grand Prix 2 days when I was like 10 years old.

The race start was probably an incidental one but when were we allowed to overtake in this situation? I waited till the start / finish line now which in the end probably was a good thing but I probably could have taken two places earlier.

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I knew I would not be competitive on this track so my plan was to be safe and consistent, and finish. All my practice had been on focused on consistent safe laps rather than speed.

With some good luck narrowly avoiding a few crashed cars early on, I managed to complete the entire race without any incidents. No damage, spins, or contact at all.

Finished 8th of 16.  :13: Really enjoyed the day night day transitions too.

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Man last night was a total fucking burn. I had been looking forward to these races since the race calendar was announced. In the gt3 Me Jac n Filip was having an awesome race then Jac spun and I had no where to go. We both limped back to pits for a lengthy repair and I think i came back out in 11th place. So I just woosard got my head down and lit up the track. I managed to gain a few places from other cars pitting. But got held up by a few cars that I just could not get passed at all. This got very annoying and lead to me taking risks to get passed. I ended up overtaking somone and getting wide for the nest turn and clipped the curb on the bridge and hit the wall. Noooo ffs 10 mins left so had pit again. I race lmntr into the pits and grab my box. My car gets repaired the jack man moves but I'm stuck. Yeah stuck in my pit box for what felt like ages with a stupid message saying pit box occupied? Lmntr is waiting for me to get out of the pit box so he can pit in. About 5 cars come past while we're waiting for this stupid fucking game to wake up. Haha i could of rage quit right there... As I leave the pits I am fucking pissed off at the game and I graze the wall in turn 1. Then hit the wall again on the next lap. Another crash on the next lap and I'm spun across the track. At that point lmntr comes round the corner to see me as a road block. He must of thought I was going pull away. He went behind me and cliped my back end and spun after that I just retired and got a drink.

On to the Caterham, the restart was fucked I am very sorry it didn't realise my mic was off. And there was to many people getting involved. Your going to slow followed by someone else slow down we need to catch up. Let's go now I looked back and there was only nine cars ready. People Saying go when we're about to do a tight part of the track?  Next time no pissing about we do 1 whole lap. Once we have confirmed the last car is round the last corner the leader will say go and we race.

Once we finally got going I managed to get a small gap to second place when the night came I starts to struggle with the tyre temps. This car is so shit with cold tyres. About 16 mins left I came upto some back markers after slowly catching them for a lap. Then in the left hander before the village chicane they move off line into the braking point. I think ou he is letting me passed here just before I start to slow down he then comes back across and takes the racing line for the corner? Wtf totally off footed me as im about to brake and I start bouncing up the walls. When I get into the pits and I had set the wrong strategy so it didn't do repairs. Did another lap changed my pit strategy and still didn't repair my car. Wtf.. The rage at the game now especially after the gt3 race just totally put me in the wrong mindset. With the damage I had i was struggling to keep out the walls to point where I flipped over on to my roof. Another 5 spins and I finally got into the pits and repaired. By this time I had gone from 1st to almost last lapped by more than half the grid.

It was a very frustrating evening. But I only have my self to blame it was my driving and inpatients that put me in the walls. I think I need sit back chill out when shit like this happens and/or punch myself in face 😔. Totaly had the pace in both cars but ultimately didn't have the skill to match. Disappointing results I must try harder....
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Congratulations to Phillips and Filip at Bannochbrae!  :sign0098:

GT3 Race:  I did a respectable job in qualifying in 8th considering the F1 Team Simulator Quality Test Drivers up in front!  I had a good start and then saw up ahead Phillips loose it right after T1; I relaxed the accelerator slightly planning my trajectory through and I got tapped and lost it briefly which allowed several cars to pass!  I gathered myself and continued on now in 12th.  Tarbz was in front of me but he was pulling away as I was trying to save my tires for the end.  The next morning Jod was behind me and getting closer until he finally got a run and made his pass; that was the only fight I had for the whole race.   After I made my stop I came out again by myself and finished in 7th;  I am just happy to finish ahead of my qualifying.

Caterham Race:  Well, Painful is the word for this race.   I just could not get a good run in qualifying and probably was overdoing it.  I am just so perplexed by the huge range in qualifying times it defies comprehension.  Anyway, A timming glitch forced a formation lap and I was hit at least twice before the green on 2nd Lap; my car now had rear damaged and most likely affecting downforce much needed in this car.  I made T1 and soon found myself slide to the fence which now provided even more damage.  I limped all the way around and I think I got myself involved in an incident when I spun out a couple of times due to my ill-handling car: so sorry for those involved.   Made it to the Pit and my crew forgot to repair the damage and had to go around all over again! :icon_sad:   This time the crew worked feverishly to get my car out but it took ages and finally they let me out.  Now I really had to save my tires for this car because I did not want to stop yet again.  At the end I finished just one spot from last after Ice made a late stop most likely for damage.  I just want to forget this one and look forward the next one.    See you fellows at Catalunya !   :13:
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Hade a good quali-lap and ended up with pole-position. Had a slow start and lost my lead until cream (I think) spun and crashed, braked hard to avoid him and I'm glad Jac was quick with his reactions and didn't crash into me. During the whole race I focused really hard to avoid the barriers and I think I held my breath for 40 min. Had a couple of situations where I scraped the walls and at one time did a 360 but avoided damage. Tried to take it slow and steady and it worked out in the end.

I had good pace during qualifying but crashed pretty much every time I had a good lap. A bad qualifying where I knew I had the pace to be 4-5 place but started 8th. Pited first lap because I wanted some free space to push harder and I had similar pace with the guys in front but crashed, went into the pits , same thing again and ended up 8-9 I think. Bad race and I think I just couldn't keep my focus since I concentrated so hard during 40mins with the gt3.

 Looking forward to the next race !