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Author Topic: Round # 9, Formula Renault 3.5 and GTE Class Cups Silverstone GP Aug 9th, 2018  (Read 241 times)

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Silverstone GP
Medium and Light Cloud
17 -15 Laps

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This is going to be a good one. I'm opening a practice lobby as early as I can. It will be public so just join up. I am technically working until 8pm but I should be online before that.
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Well done Jac.

Sorry for the mistake Jodders. Good little race at the end 👍
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Sorry for the mistake Jodders. Good little race at the end 👍

no problem the last 4 laps made my race mate  :thumb_up:

Well done Tarbz in the FR35 nice win :sign0098:, driver of the race has to be lmntr for his recovery. I got a lightning start and battled with Jac for a few couple laps until he spun. Manage to build a lead on tarbz but I kept reengaging the drs mid corner on the fast right after the old straight  :embarrassed:. Somehow the curb on the outside damaged my rear suspension in one of my spins. This and a massive off at the end of the drs straight meant Tarbz & Lmntr got the jump on me after the pit stops. Tarbz was long gone but Lmntr was about 3 seconds ahead when he came out the pits. I tried my best to catch him but he was just too fast.  :great:             

The Gte races are always fun the whole pack stays close for the hole race. I donít know what Jac has done with his setup but to do the whole race on softs at his pace was pretty epic. Jac defo wins driver of the race for this one. Me and cream had a good tussle in the first half of the race but the different tyre strategies meant he was in the pits for an extra 15 seconds longer than me :039:. I slowly watch this come down over the next 3 laps and then I see bag in the pits. As I take the first corner I see him coming up the hill and think we go side by side into the next corner. This was the start of a good 4 lap battle to the line  :13:. Gte was deffo the race of night for me bring on Imola.

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Brilliant racing once again, had some good battles. The formula Renult was a bit disappointing as it felt really unpredictable at times and kept catching me out. Which was in contrast to the GTE where I felt totally in control which helped me to keep my tyres alive and consistently lap in the 1:59's for the whole race  :steeringwheel:

Thanks again for hosting some great races, Imola is going to be tense  :icon_biggrin: