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Author Topic: Round # 10, Formula Renault 3.5 and GTE Class Cups Imola Aug 16th, 2018  (Read 294 times)

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Fog and Overcast
20 - 17 Laps
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Not a great race for me result wise but one of the more enjoyable races of the championship.

I got cut off at the end not sure who won, congrats to whoever that was.

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I had a great Formula Renault Race. Stopped on lap 1 or as I call it "Did a Nij" and gambled on no more incidents. Ironically racing makes you slower so I banged in 16 more consistent laps and brought it home in 4th.
I tried the same in the GTE and messed up on a single lap where I spun 4 times. That laptime was 2:11 and set me way back.
Still, a good race though and a great season.

I like the way that the honours were split 3 ways. Jac taking the overall, lmntr taking FR and Bag taking GTE.
Some grids were a little empty over the summer but still some great racing. Fewer incidents I thought, and they were often sorted out out on the track or between the drivers after the race which is great sportsmanship.

This is one of the best groups we have had. No one ran away with and we showed each other respect. Superb!
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I was on a another business trip over the weekend and just getting around to post.  Congratulations to The_Bag_ on his GTE Championship and JAC-1234 on his Combined Overall Championship.  They were both exceptional.  I had some good and bad races and just managed to keep my Championship Title with the Formula Renault.  Awesome racing and very competitive performance from all.   I felt connected to the Renault and I just could not get the same from the Ferrari but that did not stop me from trying !  It was very enjoyable racing with all of you and hope very much we can do it all again.