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Author Topic: GT5 Ginetta G40 and Emerson Fittipaldi Lotus 72D Championship: Round 3, Race 2.  (Read 616 times)

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GT5 Ginetta G40 and Emerson Fittipaldi Lotus 72D Championship: Round 3, Race 2. Dubai GP.

HOOF HARTED/GZR_SCClockDr  : Collision

At turn 3, there was an incident involving 3 cars. To avoid colliding with any of them, I slowed down, as did other cars. Unfortunately, the car behind me (GZR) mustn't have noticed this, as he proceeded to hit me at full force, smashing my car off the track. (00:42). He then proceeds to rejoin the track, having taken my position, but makes no attempt to relinquish the position back to me, as he should have done.

Although not terminal, damage to the car was sustained, due to the nature of the collision.

I have the requisite footage available, although I have absolutely no idea as to how I am supposed to make it available on here??!!
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You are correct in my not waiting, my fault. I was very displeased with myself when I watched the video. I apologize for my indiscretion. I was on the brakes but was not getting much traction due to curbing. Not waiting was indeed a bad move, sorry Hoof Harted. What ever the steward decides I earned it.

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No problem George, it can happen when the adrenaline is pumping & the concentration is on doing the best you can do!!

As said in 'gone in 60 seconds', Over. Done. Finished!!!

Roll on next week!!!!


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Sorry Iíve not seen this before now. We donít normally get posts in here.

Iíve not seen the footage but It seems this has been resolved now. Obviously George has held his hand up and admits it was his fault. Heís not normally someone who causes incidents.

Feel free to report anything in the future. The cleaner the racing the more we will all enjoy it.

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I think it's a Gavra Racing trait Hoof has not yet dialled out of himself. ;)

We generally leave space and only move once if defending when approaching braking zones. The lack of issues and complaints is why I'm still here and not at Gavra.
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I agree Matt!!!!

The reason that I left Gavra Racing was that anyone was encouraged to report anyone else, regardless of whether they were involved in the incident, or whether they were actually in the race????!!!!   :siren: :siren: :siren: :icon_twisted: :wtf: :wtf: :banghead: :sign0135:

To me, that doesn't promote camaraderie or anything positive!!
Claims were malicious in content, rather than factual and I didn't like that!!
To be fair to George, he was honest, gracious and genuine, as I would be in the same situation, and we moved on. That's how it should be!

If we normally just say, 'sorry' after the race, that's fine with me. I just read the rules (Had to make sure, after the Gavra episode!!! :icon_biggrin: :icon_biggrin:) and that's what it said to do!! Not an issue for me if we don't! Less bullshit!! :grin: :grin: :grin:


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I would like to say, after having a couple of races with you guys, that the atmosphere amongst the group in general is great!! That is what it should be!! We do this for fun, albeit with a competitive edge. I WANT to win, I know I won't, but I want to!!

We are all competitive in nature, but we also have respect for each other, which makes the group what it is!! I echo Matt's sentiments exactly!!!

LONG MAY IT CONTINUE!!!!!!!! :sign0098: :sign0098: :dance: :13: :cheer: :035:

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The issue has been resolved amicably and there is no reason to proceed any further.  I will be closing this thread.  To answer your question about posting a video, you will need to be registered with a video sharing application or website such as youtube (popular) or another service that allows you to play it without being signed up, and simply just post the link in your reply.  We appreciate your opinion of our league, thanks.