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Author Topic: What do you want to race in project cars 2 ?  (Read 1392 times)

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Re: What do you want to race in project cars 2 ?
« Reply #15 on: August 31, 2017, 12:28:PM »
I tried to get it off the ground on Mondays with a randomly selected car and you know the turnout.

I think that it was a bit to serious and people was practicing for the races well in advance. An old saying "practice makes perfect and perfect is hard to beat". This is what put me off joining Mondays tbf and also a small part of what put me off joining the masters. A different car each week that i never used and limited practice time. Do i want to waste time learning cars for a game i wont play in 6 weeks? i know there is a setup database but just bashing these in does not teach you how to get to that stage :ecomcity: Anyways lol I think you and bag got it spot on in the beginning it just got over complex?
We have a good bunch of fellas here who 99.9% we have good clean racing.

So let's keep the momentum going, but with a different format just to keep things interesting. Just a 1 off to start with. Maybe this might gain more interest in the Indy championship.

I will open a lobby at around 9pm GB time. Send me a FR if you want to join.

Races will be 5 - 10 laps, No damage. However no bad driving or you will be kicked.

A mix of Formula Rookie / Gulf Etc. Slow cars on short tracks. This normally means close racing no matter what the car. If you want a car say so on the night and we can choose a track that's appropriate.

Add No Setups, no tire wear and no fuel usage and we can focus on just racing. A practice session to learn the best lines with the car and not wasting it on setting up your car, because everyone uses the default. Would love a race like this with the BAC Mono or a fun little caterham racing on a short variant of Silverstone or wherever.
Count me in if this is also your vision. It's basically arcade racing, but more realistic and with more regard for etiquette. Just having fun.

I am surprised that this topic has not had more reply's

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Re: What do you want to race in project cars 2 ?
« Reply #16 on: September 23, 2017, 03:18:PM »
"What do you want to race in project cars 2 ?"

A car. :(