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Author Topic: Formula Gulf, Round 10, Nurburgring Sprint, Lap 1, Mattikake2010/Pexy123  (Read 861 times)

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Mattikake2010 / Pexy123 Incident on the first lap and Turn 1 and various other.  Did not wait. 

We have seen an increase in aggressive driving as of late and the Steward Panel comprised of Skanda_Five, Dnns84, The_Bag_ and myself lmntr, felt it was necessary to take the extraordinary step of reviewing some of the incidents that occurred in Round # 10 of the Formula Gulf Season as observed in the video despite not have been submitted for review:
The incidents are as followed.   At 0:58   Incident # 1 of Mattikake2010 and Pexy123 on Lap 1 Turn 1.   01:25  Incident # 2 of Jod08 and Mattikake2010 on Lap 1 Turn 4.   03:18.  Incident # 3 between Mattikake2010 and Jod08  on Lap 5 Turn 7.   04:56  Incident # 4 of Mattikake2010 and Zebulin99 on Lap 7 Turn 12.

There were also two videos provided that generally show drivers while on the race scrolling at times from driver to driver.   And

We reviewed all 4 incidents and the general videos provided and discussed them at length; we had differing opinions and agreed that we were not going to issue disciplinary action in all incidents with the exception of the incident between Mattikake2010 and Pexy123.

The summary is as follows;  Mattikake2010 entered turn 1 at a speed and with a trajectory angle in relation to the road that made him unable to turn in and stay in the general vicinity of the right side of the road putting him in a collision course with Pexy123.   Pexy123ís car overturned but was unable to upright due to not having reset mapped and only to be used in overturned cars as per league rules, thus we were unable to ascertain mechanical damage to car.   Consecuently, Pexy123 was forced to retire.  Mattikake2010 continued on with no evident effort to wait as per our rules.    We find Mattikake2010 responsible for this incident and charged him with at least 10 seconds penalty added to his finish time which will put him 1 finish position lower.  He is also put on probation and disciplinary action will escalate should he be involved in further incidents in which he is found at fault until such a time he has an incident-free race.

The disciplinary action is reduced but could have been much harsher had it been submitted for official review.
The aim of this action is to promote proper etiquette but competitive driving .   Drivers are responsible to execute a proper pass and ensuring proper completion by staying on your side of the road if necessary.   Also, sudden lunges make it difficult for any driver to ascertain that another is along side them and most likely to cause an incident.  Drivers are responsible to find a means necessary to be aware of where your competitors are in relation to your car by using an app, mirrors, dynamic map or car views while your competitor needs to exercise due caution and think twice before they suddenly put their car in a compromised position in the drivers blind spot.  Last but not least, You need to wait for another driver after an incident if you have any inclination to think you caused it.
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Hi, seems a bit lenient to me but fair enough. I know when I'm wrong and when I'm right so glad it was seen the same way by the stewards.

The reason I didn't wait was because I didn't know Pexy had been flipped. I thought he was still on my outside, just a bit wider. Then when I found he had been flipped it was Pexy on the mic saying he had no reset button. So I'd have been waiting a long time by the side of the track!

Truly pathetic collision dynamics tbf. Any other racing game - even ones from decades ago - wouldn't have been so pants on deciding how to deal with that contact. Even the first of them all, Revs on the BBC micro was better than that! Something else to learn. PCARS 2 had better be better. Rubbing is [sometimes] racing but if PCARS can't deal with that properly it severely restricts your ability to actually "play" at the same time as other people. You might as well have a series of time trials.

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It is a bit lenient, yes, but that's also because you have made clear you want to adapt your driving style and also because you're the first one to be penalized since we decided to act more to make the racing cleaner after a series of crashes and we didn't want to be too harsh on the first penalty, but everyone should know we're cracking down, luckily everyone seems motivated and it would be great if we can keep the group together for future seasons.
But waiting after a collision is one of the most important rules we have, even if you don't see it, slow down after you feel you have hit someone and ask if the other person is OK. Pexy would have responded that he'd have to retire and you can race on in which case you'd only been given a warning since accidents happen and it was a simple case of braking a meter too late (2nd warning in a row does come with a penalty).
I do agree that the physics of the game are often ridiculous, some hard impacts don't do any real damage (like you flipping over after contact with Jod) while a slight tap will offset the entire car and you have to pit because it's undrivable, or the way Pexy flipped over. Open-wheel cars are of course sensitive to impact, but pCars have overdone it, but every review I hear about pCars2 is that the physics are really a lot better.
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The downforce is strong with this one

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Good call Matt. You did handle it well. That's important to us.
An apology or just taking responsibility goes a long way.
It's hard to rant about something when the guy who hits you says sorry.

I like racing against you (by that I mean watching you drive off into the distance). You're quick. I learn stuff from watching you drive.
The last few laps at Oschersleben were great. Intentional or by accident, your last corner exit block was a thing of beauty. Perfectly executed. As soon as I had to lift, I knew you would hold the place.
Keep bringing that kind of racing savvy.

Now if we could just tone down the crazy physics........

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