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Author Topic: Weather slots for new FG1000 season  (Read 580 times)

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Weather slots for new FG1000 season
« on: May 11, 2017, 09:07:PM »
Might I suggest using "real" weather. Whatever the actual weather forecast is in that part of the country, we use it on Thursday's race. I think this will add that extra element of immersion.

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Re: Weather slots for new FG1000 season
« Reply #1 on: May 11, 2017, 10:20:PM »
The way the weather was done in the FB season got good 'reviews' so to speak, so we decided to keep that unchanged. Lmntr randomized the weather slots and I randomized the calendar and then those were put together and with 4 out of 12 races being (partially) wet, I think we can look forward to a diverse season when it comes to the tracks and weather.
We're going into the summer and while the weather may be fickle, it could also lead to a calendar with just sunshine or some clouds, that would be a step backwards I think since the wet races last season really added something.
A lot of drivers rarely look at the forums and often a lot of whipping  :040: needs to be done to get something organized. Adding random weather is one more thing that has to reach each driver before the start, while with a preset calendar everyone can save that image on their computers or phones, so they know what's up.
But most importantly, for me personally, is preparation for the race, I don't really feel like checking the weather forecast for Zuhai at Sunday or whenever, trying to find out what the weather will be for Thursday and then hope it doesn't change.

This is just my opinion, let's hear it from others.

By the way, the temperatures in the game are ridiculous. I opened a race at Spa and set the date somewhere in December 2016, the weather was set at rain, and it was still 30 degrees Celsius (86F) lol.

pCars2 will offer season changes and I believe also the option to set realistic weather, maybe then this could be nice, but I'd personally still prefer a set calendar just for practice purposes.
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