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The league rules & Information
« on: July 10, 2014, 08:03:PM »
10Tenths  NAFARG rules and general information

Welcome!  We are very pleased you take time to read about our league. Once you get to know our members, you will find that we are all here because we found in each other, a great group of competitors with the correct approach to racing.  We have adjusted the lobby settings over several seasons now and continuously fine tune them to arrive to a product that is both accessible from new comers to the most accomplished.  Our points system is designed to have a close championship through out all the grid where the leader will not have a runaway championship and drivers all the way back to the grid will always be within striking distance to the next driver.  We usually have our members help us build the track selection by giving a chance to include their favorite tracks by vote when the seasons are our usual 12 round length.  Information on our current season is found in the championship race calendar section.
Usually, our weather is two slots and at X2 progression or synched to race.  We do away with the unnatural weather and selected a few realistic slots to be part of a lottery process to come up with the different weather forecast on each track.  All information in regards to lobby settings are posted in the calendar section.  Time start in-game is 2 PM at real progression.  Tire wear is being analyzed over many test sessions and based on our race length; the goal is to give you very close performance wether you use the soft or harder compound.  In either case, the driver will have to contend with worn out tires at some point of the race.   Performance Affecting  Damage and Mechanical Break downs will deter bump and dive bomb passes because of the likelyhood that your car will suffer certain damage.  It also forces you to select a realistic engine and brake duct opening size. Most important, you will be able to drive back to the pits for damage repairs or continue driving with slight damage; your race will not be over!
Your prowess along with the correct approach to racing will reward you in the Championship and hopefully with the title of Champion.

Championship prizes:  TBC

This is something i would like to do again soon.

Please check season lobby settings in the calendar section

If season includes wet weather:  The race will include two weather slots which will be determined by lottery and only slots with “realistic" race weather will be included in the lottery process.  Every effort will be done to assess best weather slot progression.  Unrealistic weather slots are for example; thunderstorm and fog, snow and such.  Once the weather slots are determined, they will be published as part of the calendar.

Reset to track is prohibited:
Except if you find yourself upside down or on your side. Resetting back onto the track must be done with care so as not to cause a collision. Reset when it's safe to do so and clear the racing line as quickly as possible.
Please be sure to map a button for it if you find yourself upside down or on the side unable to continue.

Turn rear light on in wet weather racing:
Be sure to map the lights as they are required when racing in rainy conditions.

Clean racing:

• Race cleanly at all times. No contact should occur between cars on track, and as a driver you are required to do your best to avoid this from happening. Accidents do happen, but if you are at fault for causing a collision,  assuming the game hasn't instantly penalized you ( it has a knack for giving the wrong person a penalty ) the usual unwritten rule is to let the car you hit back through and then continue racing..

Race etiquette:

• If you are involved in an on-track incident, don't overreact. It may be frustrating, but you need to stay calm and get on with it.
 If another driver does something you feel is against the rules, report it to the Stewards Panel after the race rather than argue about it over the  chat.
• If you know you suffer from lag issues, are battling with someone on track whom you know suffers from lag issues, you need to exercise extreme caution when attempting overtakes or using defensive maneouvers.

Corner cutting:

• Stay within the track boundaries with at least two tyres at all times. The track boundaries are defined by the white lines, NOT by the edge of the kerbs. Cutting corners, or extending the track, to gain an advantage is not allowed. Drivers found to be persistently breaking this rule will be penalised retrospectively.

Qualifying etiquette:

• In qualifying, it is your own responsibility to find free space on the track when going for a hot lap. A car on a hot lap does not have to yield for a faster car approaching from behind. If you are on an in-lap, out-lap or have messed up your lap, however, you have to let faster cars pass you without blocking them.


Please use a working headset while in the race lobby, to effectively receive any potential messages or instructions from the League staff. Having the ability to talk to other drivers during the race can also make it easier to avoid - and resolve - any on-track incidents. Using a headset is not mandatory, but desirable.

Forum activity

You need to be an active member on our forum while being a driver in our leagues. We aren't forcing you to make several posts every day, but we prefer drivers who are involved with the community. We will occasionally check how long it has been since a driver has been logged into his forum account - if you have been inactive on the forum for a long time, you may be removed from the league.


If you are unable to attend a race, you have to give notice for your absence before the race starts. This is done by informing one of the league admins of your situation, either by sending him a private message or by making a post in the official race thread. It is your responsibility to make sure we get  your message.
When informing us of your absence, a proper reason must be given for why you can't attend. No-showing a race because you don't like the track, simply saying 'I can't race this week', or other similar reasons are not accepted and will be marked as an uninformed absence.
If you get marked for 3 uninformed absences throughout a season, whether this is consecutive or not, you will be removed from the league.


It's an unfortunate aspect of online racing that having a stable connection can be critical to being able to race closely with other cars. While we understand that not everyone can have perfect connections, and that occasional lag can't be avoided, we reserve the right to ask a driver to step down from the league if their connection is causing too many issues for other drivers.

Stewards panel

What you can make a stewards enquiry for:
Racing incidents: If you feel another driver has caused an incident - eg. hitting your car, forcing you off the track, or driving too aggressively - you should report this to the stewards for investigation.
Corner cutting: If you witness another driver is persistently gaining time by abusing the track limits, you should report this to the stewards for investigation.
Removing an unfair time penalty: If you receive a time penalty from the game, and you feel this was awarded unfairly, you can make an enquiry for the penalty to be removed. When making such an enquiry, you need to provide evidence of the penalty being applied. Evidence can be either in the form of video footage, or a picture of the post-race race director screen showing what the penalty was for and the time of when it was applied. Any appeals without this will be dismissed.
Note that there is a time limit of 2 days after the race has run to make a stewards enquiry. if any new rule violations come to light through videos released after this time, it is still possible to report this, but only if this violation is something that was not visible to the other driver(s) in the race at the time it happened.

*The Steward Panel reserves the right to investigate and issue penalty in any incident that comes to light in which a driver has been found responsible even when review has not been requested.*
*A Safety Car incident will be reviewed automatically.*

Points and classification:

Points:  1st – 25, 2nd –21, 3rd –18, 4th --16, 5th –14, 6th –12, 7th –10, 8th –9, 9th –8, 10th -7, 11th -6, 12th -5, 13th -4, 14th- 3, 15th -2 and 16th –1.

Championship will be decided in your best 9 out of 12 results (varies season to season) unless otherwise posted.  In essence, dropping any DNS, DNF or worst result.

Drivers that do not complete a 1/4 of race length will not receive any points.  Drivers that complete 1/4 to 1/2 of race length will receive 1/2 points.  Drivers that complete more than 1/2 race length will receive full points.

If two drivers finish the season with the same number of points, then the championship will be decided and awarded to the driver with the greater tally in a classification in the following order until the first classification is found with a clear winner: first places, second places, third places, poles and fastest laps. **No points will be awarded if you leave deliberately while in the race.  Your position finish must display in the race summary table.  If you were disconnected, you may share a recording that shows your position at disconnection.  You will then receive points accordingly

There are cases where the game will disqualify you even though there really was no advantage gained.   Unless, there is obvious evidence of wrong doing, the penalized party will get points awarded taking in consideration how far he made it in the race in number of laps.  The 1/4 and 1/2 race distance rules will apply in this case as well.


* All drivers are required to read and abide by these rules.  Ignorance of the rules is not an excuse.
* All participants are encouraged to have a voice communication device.
* All participants are not to speak during qualification or race until the last driver crosses the finish line.
* You may speak during the lobby or practice.
* You are required to mute during the race.
* You may break silence in case of emergency notices.
* All participants are required to record either their view or save replay of each race.


1. Drivers must be active or reserve league members to participate in an official race.
2. Drivers are expected to attend all events except in a family or life event out of his/her control.
3. Drivers are to notify Staff if they will be absent for an event either on the website round thread or the League’s current PSN thread.
4. You will be removed and/or placed on bottom of reserve list if you miss 3 events without notification.
5. Have the courtesy to inform if you no longer wish to be an active driver.
6. Lobby starts 15 minutes before official race start.  All active drivers will receive an invite.
7. Reserve drivers will receive an invite if an active driver has notified Organizer of his/her absence.
8. Reserve drivers’ seat assignment to fill-in is temporary.
9. Reserve drivers will be assigned a seat if an active driver is removed or placed in the reserve list. The seat assignment is permanent and will not be changed.

Lobby/Session procedures

1. Only a Staff Member has the authority to start or restart a session.
2. A member with the best and stable connection can be designated by Staff to be the Host.
3. The race includes a practice, qualifying and warm up, so there may be cases where a driver will enter late and still be able to race.
4.  Drivers may use only the car selected/assigned.
5. You are allowed a one time car make change in an open class season.
6. If you need to leave during a race, you are required to notify League Staff with a reason.  Otherwise, you will be classified DQ and will be awarded no points.  Your finish position must display at end in the race summary table. You may share video evidence of disconnection to receive points.
7. If a driver has 3 disconnections in their last 5 race starts, they will be moved to the Reserve List, and a Reserve driver will take their seat. If there are no reserve drivers, then they can continue to race.
8. The race session will be restarted in case of a driver unable to start race due to Disqualification, loss of connection or otherwise become locked out of the race. The affected driver must notify before Lap 1 is finished.
9. If the race is restarted, it will be one lap longer to allow for everyone to take their qualifying position before Lap 2. (See Restart Procedure)
10. There will be no more than two total race restarts within one official event.
11. If a race cannot be restarted, no points will be awarded if the leader did not complete one quarter distance laps and the race will take place the following week, moving all scheduled races one week.
12. If the leader completed one quarter to half the league-schedule distance, then half points will be awarded.
13. If the leader completed more than half league-schedule distance, then full points will be awarded. Results will be taken at last completed lap by the leader.

Restart Procedure:

1. A new lobby will start with 1 additional lap added and new invites will go out. 
2. Drivers will receive a brief set of instructions and session will start when a member of the Staff gives the signal after being fairly certain everyone understands instructions. 
3. No-one will move when the lights go green, drivers will start driving one at a time to the front of the group very slowly in the order of the previous session qualifying results until everyone is in place. 
4. The leader will then drive slow enough ( 60-80mph, 100-130 kph )to make sure everyone gathers up closely. 
5. The leader has the option to accelerate to race pace anywhere between the penultimate and last turn of the track. No one can pass before the last turn apex.

Safety Car procedure:
1. A driver calling for a Safety Car must identify himself.  The Safety Car period can be activated after having an incident in which anyone party received major damage that makes it very difficult to control and major repairs are needed.   This does not apply to slight damage where you are able and decided to continue and/or where repairs are optional.  You will know it if when you come up to speed, your car begins to handle erratically and you are unable to control its trajectory with certainty. 
2.The Safety Car period can not be activated if the leader is already at 2 laps from the end.  Example, If the race is 14 laps, no safety car period can be activated if the leader is on lap 12.
3. Once a call for a Safety Car period goes out, drivers must reduce speed and not pass anyone, hold their position with the leader driving at (60-80mph or 100 to 130kph) to keep drivers bunched up. Damaged cars must not impede undamaged cars during the safety car process. Damaged car drivers should communicate to those behind that they can pass and facilitate by staying on the edge of the road whenever possible.
4. The safety car period will last two whole laps after the incident lap.  This may be adjusted depending on track length, how far from pits the incident took place.
5 Pits are closed when the call for a Safety Car occurs and only the damaged party is allowed to enter.
6. The Leader will announce when he is the first driver to approach pit road and the pit road will be open to anyone if they choose to.  If the leader(s) enter pit road, then obviously the driver that stays out and is at the front will become the leader for the safety period and subject to procedures.
7. Driver(s) lagging behind the Safety Car group due to car repairs and/or other circumstance, are allowed to proceed at race pace to get close to the group but, they must not make a pass unless the other driver is off road or damaged going slow.
8. It is not necessary to have all drivers bunched up behind the leader, the longest safety car period is 2 whole laps.
9. Once the staff gives the signal the race will resume the following lap, the leader continues to drive at the slower pace and is free to go back to race pace at any point of his choosing between the penultimate and last turn of the lap. No one can make a pass before the last turn apex.
10. A solitary driver causing a Safety Car activation is limited to once in the particular race and blocked from activation on the next 2 rounds.
11. All Safety Car Incidents will be reviewed and penalties issued if necessary.

Penalties for collision

Category 1
Racing incident:  No penalty will be issued.

Category 2
A. Contact with no damage:  No penalty will be issued the first instance but it will be used for tracking.  The next category 2 incident will result in a 5 second penalty added to your finish time.  Each subsequent category 2 incident will add an extra cumulative 5 seconds added to your finish time.
B. In each category 2 in which you did not wait will result in an extra 10 seconds penalty added.  An incident-free race will reset penalties.

"waited"is defined as having waited until certain that the damaged party could not resume at speed and/or allowed the innocent party back in front of you if they are able. 

Category 3
Contact with damage and waited:  you will receive a 10 second penalty added to your finish time.  Each subsequent category 3 incident will result in an added cumulative point deducted. An incident-free race will reset penalties.

Category 4
Contact with damage and did not wait:  you will receive a 20 second penalty to your finish time and 1 point deducted.   Each subsequent category 4 incident will add another cumulative point deducted. An incident-free race will reset penalties.
A driver found responsible of Category 4 incidents in two consecutive rounds, will be banned for 1 race.
Time/Point penalties can only be effective if the guilty party was running at the end of race, otherwise they will be applied in the following points earning race or from current tally 

Penalties can only progress within the same category.   An incident-free race will reset all categories.
Steward panel reserves the right to accelerate penalties ( two steps forward in the penalty progression ) if the injured party was unable to continue after an incident.

Penalties for other than collisions

Cheating will result in automatic disqualification and expulsion from the league. 
Verbal abuse towards any member of the league can result in 1 race ban, 3 race bans or expulsion from the league depending on gravity.
Drivers found disconnecting manually from 2 consecutive races, will receive a 1 race ban.
Crossing the white line at pit exit or using the wrong pit entry point ( except having incident past pit entry) is 5 seconds penalty.
Shortcutting or extending the track will result in 10 seconds penalty.  Doing this during the whole race will result in multiple 10 second penalties.
Abuse of safety car activation will result in race disqualification.
Making more than one defensive movement and failing to leave space for one car at edge ot track is 5 seconds penalty.
No points will be awarded if you reset car if your car is not upside down or on its side. 
No points will be awarded if you quit during race.  You will receive points if there is evidence you got disconnected.
Any other situation not listed will be issued at least 5 seconds penalty.

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Re: The league rules & Information
« Reply #1 on: November 20, 2014, 09:24:PM »
This part is all about online racing etiquette and how best to deal with certain situations, it is not mandatory that you read this, but it is highly recommended

Ever been online and been accused/accused someone of being a dirty racer? Been rammed and spun out? Hit someone and they spun out? It happens to everyone. Well I'm here to tell you about the most basic rule to remember when throwing around accusations:

Whoever has the racing line has the right of way (track position in racing speak).

I shouldn't need to tell anyone what the racing line is, but when it involves avoiding incidents it can be more than 'the optimum line around the track to keep the most speed'. The most common example of this online is two cars that are traveling side by side on a straight. One car has drafted the other, pulled alongside and they are now approaching a corner. The car that will be on the inside during the corner technically has track position, even if the corner is normally approached from the outside, and the outer driver must maintain his spot on the outside of the track through the corner.

However, that rule applies only when both cars are side by side (any part of the cars overlap lengthwise). If the outside car is ahead of the inside car by a car length or more (rear bumper in front of the inside cars front bumper) and is on the optimum racing line, the the outside car has track position and is therefore free to take whatever line he pleases through the corner. The inside driver MUST yield in this situation. If in actual F1, for example, this scenario happens and the inside driver fails to yield, an accident will most likely occur and the inside driver will be penalized by the stewards. With changing speeds, either of these scenarios can cross into the realm of the other very quickly, so you must be aware of the other car's position and closing speed as best you can. If you have any doubt, maintain your place on the track but keep your speed, so if you're on the inside and aren't sure if you're alongside the other car entering a fast corner, keep your position but don't keep accelerating should the other car move in front. Discretion is the better part of valor.

Some further tips to avoid incidents:

- Do not try to force a pass on a slower car, especially on very technical and narrow pieces of track like the beginning of the Nordschleife. Wait for a straight and pass.

- In the same vein, if you are being approached by a clearly faster car, give them space to pass. Otherwise you are very likely to both end up in the ditch, ruining your own race as well.

- Do not constantly block. In F1, cars are allowed to make one move across the track to block and must remain in that position while the trailing car either passes or fails on the original line.

- Don't race in rooms of 12-16 people doing a 2 lap race if you want clean races. The short length of the race and high amount of cars on track will make everyone very aggressive to make up as much ground as possible, a nightmare for clean racing. A nice 4-6 lap race with 6-12 people is much more satisfying and easygoing.

- Let the race develop in the first lap. Drivers of different skill and cars of different speed will naturally settle into a position, don't be too aggressive in this stage of the race.

- If you do spin out, don't rush to get back on track. Use the minimap to determine if any cars are fast approaching. Think: getting back onto a highway after stopping on the shoulder. Which also leads to...

- Don't assume you're a ghost or the ghost in front of you will remain one. They can change at the last second and you'll both spin out.

- Unfortunately, a lot of NA rooms are full of people who think they're right all the time, and will tell you so in their redneck accent using profanity (I'm American myself and have no shame admitting we have this stereotype for a reason). If this seems to be a common occurrence to you as well, join a European server and make some new friends.

- Similarly, don't go around making accusations constantly over small bumps, it just makes others lose trust in you and you might even end up getting kicked yourself. Racing is not an exact science. After everything you can do to avoid accidents, you can and still will have them. Live and let live.

And most importantly...

- Winning isn't everything. A clean 2nd place is much more satisfying than winning but having the guilt of taking someone out