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Suggestions / Re: New Season Possibilities
« Last post by lmntr on September 22, 2018, 04:57:PM »
Of all the open wheels we have tried I feel the FR3.5 and the Indycar suits my style; they feel silky smooth to me.  If we choose the Indycar we can just use the America tracks as from the promotional stand point.  The Lotus 98T was fine as a car but it felt like the differential settings were already at more of a lock up axle than open differential; hopefully I am making sense.  The FA felt like it was moving a little more in the middle of the turn but was controllable.  I probably will vote the Indycar as my top choice.

For the tin tops, I do not really mind what we choose since I really do bad in most of them compare to the whole group but if I had a choice I could go for the Megan we used last; was it the V6 or something else?  Ha, that shows how much I know about all the cars and classes.  Anyway, the Megane felt reminiscent of the Lotus 25 but with tin top; the back end really gets loose but nicely controllable unless you overdo it with entry speed. 

I like the manual pit but if it still disqualifies you at the first instance of pit speed violation I guess is out of consideration.  How do you feel about bringing in a safety car ?
Suggestions / Re: New Season Possibilities
« Last post by thebag69 on September 22, 2018, 12:39:AM »
Letís just get started I say.

Regulars will join anyway more or less. Attracting new people will be hard in any car now. Simply most people want to run gt3 or e.

Iíll drive anything. From my personal perspective I wouldnít mind doing the single seater as the second race. Itís been a while since Iíve done any really. However Iím happy to fit in with everyone else.

Tin tops - Grp a and c cars are popular - the cars arenít balanced though so pick a car for the champ. They would potentially attract new drivers.

For good close racing Stanceworks or Escorts are both great. Caterham is also good.

Personally I really donít care what I race. Iíd rather see everyone who joins enjoy the racing and having someone to race with rather than lapping the whole race alone + grow the entry list. In reality both things donít go hand in hand.

What I would say is the race format should change to 15 - 20 min Q tops. 

Suggestions / Re: New Season Possibilities
« Last post by jod08 on September 21, 2018, 12:30:PM »
2002 stanceworks gets my vote, also we did the V6 Megane Trophy [MTRO] not the R.S. 01 Trophy [RS01] isnt that just a gt3 car but in its own league?
To many options
Formula A [FA]
Formula Renault 3.5 [FR35]
Lotus Type 98T Renault Turbo [VF1]

V6 Megane Trophy [MTRO]
V8 Supercars [V8SC]
BMW M1 Procar [GR.4]
BMW M3 Sport Evo [GR.A]
Ford Sierra Cosworth RS500 [GR.A]
Mercedes-Benz 190E 2.5-16 Evolution 2 DTM [GR.A]
Caterham SP/300.R [TKDB]
Radical SR3-RS [TKDB]
Mercedes-Benz CLK-LM [GT1]
Ferrari F40 LM [GTO]
BMW 320 Turbo [GR.5]
2002 Audi R8 (LMP900) [LMP9]
Ford RS200 Evolution [GR.B]
I also love the look of the Mercedes-Benz Sauber C9 Mercedes-Benz [GRPC] its just a biotch to drive  :steeringwheel:
Suggestions / New Season Possibilities
« Last post by Skanda-Five on September 21, 2018, 11:38:AM »
I'm looking forward to another great season of racing.
We have already looked at a lot of cars. The BMW 2002 Stanceworks for example is a lot of fun.
Although I missed the race, I tried the RS01 today and it's a beast. I love that engine noise.

We still have a few to try out.
The notoriously awful Formula C. Let's hope that SMS have sorted this one.
The Lotus 49c. A personal favourite.

If anyone else has any ideas about what they want to try, now is the time to let us know.

Start pitching people!
I was on a another business trip over the weekend and just getting around to post.  Congratulations to The_Bag_ on his GTE Championship and JAC-1234 on his Combined Overall Championship.  They were both exceptional.  I had some good and bad races and just managed to keep my Championship Title with the Formula Renault.  Awesome racing and very competitive performance from all.   I felt connected to the Renault and I just could not get the same from the Ferrari but that did not stop me from trying !  It was very enjoyable racing with all of you and hope very much we can do it all again.   
I had a great Formula Renault Race. Stopped on lap 1 or as I call it "Did a Nij" and gambled on no more incidents. Ironically racing makes you slower so I banged in 16 more consistent laps and brought it home in 4th.
I tried the same in the GTE and messed up on a single lap where I spun 4 times. That laptime was 2:11 and set me way back.
Still, a good race though and a great season.

I like the way that the honours were split 3 ways. Jac taking the overall, lmntr taking FR and Bag taking GTE.
Some grids were a little empty over the summer but still some great racing. Fewer incidents I thought, and they were often sorted out out on the track or between the drivers after the race which is great sportsmanship.

This is one of the best groups we have had. No one ran away with and we showed each other respect. Superb!
Not a great race for me result wise but one of the more enjoyable races of the championship.

I got cut off at the end not sure who won, congrats to whoever that was.
Brilliant racing once again, had some good battles. The formula Renult was a bit disappointing as it felt really unpredictable at times and kept catching me out. Which was in contrast to the GTE where I felt totally in control which helped me to keep my tyres alive and consistently lap in the 1:59's for the whole race  :steeringwheel:

Thanks again for hosting some great races, Imola is going to be tense  :icon_biggrin:
Sorry for the mistake Jodders. Good little race at the end 👍

no problem the last 4 laps made my race mate  :thumb_up:

Well done Tarbz in the FR35 nice win :sign0098:, driver of the race has to be lmntr for his recovery. I got a lightning start and battled with Jac for a few couple laps until he spun. Manage to build a lead on tarbz but I kept reengaging the drs mid corner on the fast right after the old straight  :embarrassed:. Somehow the curb on the outside damaged my rear suspension in one of my spins. This and a massive off at the end of the drs straight meant Tarbz & Lmntr got the jump on me after the pit stops. Tarbz was long gone but Lmntr was about 3 seconds ahead when he came out the pits. I tried my best to catch him but he was just too fast.  :great:             

The Gte races are always fun the whole pack stays close for the hole race. I donít know what Jac has done with his setup but to do the whole race on softs at his pace was pretty epic. Jac defo wins driver of the race for this one. Me and cream had a good tussle in the first half of the race but the different tyre strategies meant he was in the pits for an extra 15 seconds longer than me :039:. I slowly watch this come down over the next 3 laps and then I see bag in the pits. As I take the first corner I see him coming up the hill and think we go side by side into the next corner. This was the start of a good 4 lap battle to the line  :13:. Gte was deffo the race of night for me bring on Imola.

Well done Jac.

Sorry for the mistake Jodders. Good little race at the end 👍
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