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Congratulations to Phillips; he is really shining by winning both races!  :flag:
BMW Race:  I qualified in 3rd in a very close grid that would have you loose some with just a small bobble.  I had a couple of bumps that dropped me behind a little but I did not let them get away too far.  At the end I finished in 5th.
Indycar Race:  I qualified in 3rd again!  I had a good start and saw the fellows up front take to the right on their approach to turn 1 and I decided to take the left side and was planning to tuck in with the fellows in front of me.  Well, that did not work too well as someone had drafted me and because I was on a much tighter approach I decelerated but behind did not; so I was bumped in lost it into the wall.  I heard some commotion and was not sure what was going on so I cleared my mind and continued on.  My pit stop took ages to repair my damage by the time I got out, I already was one lap down and was in the mids of front runners.  I seemed to have the pace and but when I made my pass, the blue flag was waved and it was taking too long to go off that I decided to let him repass and just follow.  I did not want to risk getting disqualified for ignoring the blue flag too long.  The fellow in front was about to pass a back marker ( on my same lap) that I used him to pass when the back marker gave way.  Anyway, it was a recovery race and I finished in 7th.      Well, put my bad race behind and now it is time to concentrate my efforts for Watkins Glen; it is forecasted to be rainy!   :grin:
Had a decent BMW race manged to get second in quali stayed with Phillips after the restart. He pitted on lap oneso I went in on on the following lap. Some how managed to jump him and watched him slowly real me in and get past. To my amazement he hit the wall and gifted me first place. It did feel like a long race and Phillip's should of won easy.

The Indy car started well gained a few places then the rears overheated or over inflated and I had very lite grip. Ended up in the wall pitted without fixing damage so did another lap then it only fixed my areo so pitted again for mechanical and found my self 6/7 laps behind. Did another 5 odd laps and then hit the wall again pitted for damage and it only fixed my mechanical damage so I just retired. All my fault fucking about with the pit strategys so another fucked up indycar race. Really starting to hate this thing 😭
I had 2 really good races at this circuit. I couldn't match lap for lap pace so I just aimed to be consistent. Started 11th in the BMW after getting disqualified for speeding in the pit lane and finished 6th. Cream and I had a great few laps where we just kept swapping places. That slipstream really helped my laptimes. Brought it home in 6th place.

In the Indy I qualified 11th again and same strategy brought me another 6th place.
**Announcement**   The night transition will be done only in the BMW.  In-game qualifying time will be 14:00 at 10x time progression; this will accelerate time from about 14:00 to 19:00 in the 30 minutes of qualifying. The race will have the same time progression starting at 19:00.   Indycar settings will be our usual 13:00 qualifying and 14:00 race.
Congratulations to Jod and Phillips on their respective wins! 
BMW Race:  I had a good qualifying in the midfield and had a conservative start;  my gearing was slightly taller and lost a couple of positions.  I then settled and concentrated on my line and as the car conserved momentum I began to get in the draft of those in front and one by one started to make passes.  I enjoyed the draft only on the early part of the race and then the rest was by myself on track just keeping everything clean and maximizing my lap.  I finished a satisfying 2nd Place. 
Indycar Race:  Again my start was not the best and was promptly passed at the start;  I knew it was bound to happen as I saw roundrocket warming up his tires wildly before the start and knew he was pumped.  A little later Bag managed to squeeze into the apex and had to give up the position and promptly tuck in trying to get full benefits of the draft which it worked.  We stayed like that for several laps until Bag had a slight  bobble and allowed me to pass.  His car and mine were so closely matched with his minutely faster it was not enough for a pass but forced me to drive my best ever laps ( I sound like Alonso now!) and managed to keep just ahead and many times with only .2 seconds behind me.   I made my pit stop somewhat midway race and Bag almost trashed it on entry following me.  My crew chief decided to play it conservatively and added just more than enough fuel allowing Bag to leave the pits ahead of me.   I said great!, now I have to do it all over again!   A couple of laps later my crew screamed at me I was about to be lapped and when I looked in the rearview mirror, I saw a car approaching shockingly and unbelievably fast as a rocket!!  I could not believe it as Phillips made his pass as if I was standing still! Talk about a GP2 Engine!  I eased slightly but did not loose too much trying to get a draft but he was so fast that he left me so far behind in a flash.  But then I thought if he gets to Bag at just the right time Bag might loose momentum enough for me to get in his draft and that is what happened!  I saw the gap begin to diminish like clockwork until I was right back so close.  Now it was just a case of picking the right moment and again a slight bobble was enough to make a pass which I kept until the end.  I think he had an incident with the wall because I saw him drop back steadily that even with my 10 seconds penalty, I was able to finish in 2nd again!   My crew and I celebrated well into the night and had ample supply of “Coronas”.     Now, I look forward to Texas Motor Road Course even though I have never done well there.  Maybe with a little practice!   See you fellows next!
Race calendar / Re: [PS4][PC2] Indycar and BMW 2002 StanceWorks Championships
« Last post by lmntr on November 19, 2018, 05:46:PM »

Indianapolis has been recalculated to 25 laps on the BMW and 36 laps on the Indycar.
The bmw race was intense and I was not really battling with anyone. Didn’t really see much action tbf. I jumped Ade in the pits and got p3.

In the Indy car I bogged down on the start and stayed wide into the first corner. Then just got mixed up in the mess and was last into the pits. Left the pits did a lap then shunted the wall = damage. Stayed out for a few laps hit another wall and the car was fucked. Pitted again for what seemed like forever did another3 laps then hit someone’s front wing which destroyed mine. Pitted again got mixed up with the pit limiter and got disqualified. Typical indy car race do well in practice session and quali and don’t finish the race.
Had a couple of nightmare laps. Lap 4 I slid, hit a wall and stalled it. When recovering from that I hit the PS button dumping me back to the PS main menu for a few seconds. Then on lap 9 I caught the Pit Limiter button on the wheel turning through last corner. Couldn't figure out what was going on until I hit it again going into the pits, turning the limiter off and getting a whopping 50sec penalty for speeding in the pits.  :embarrassed: I will be moving the pit limiter off the wheel and onto my button box, and will create something to cover the PS and options buttons on the wheel to stop them getting touched accidentally.

Apart from these laps, I enjoyed the racing. Was able to keep up with the back of the pack, didn't hit anyone and let those lapping me past without too much bother. You guys are all so very good, thanks for having me.
BMW: #70 please

I'll update with team name tonight.

I'm sorry for my Pastor Maldonado impression in the Indycar.

BMW was better until I hit the wall on the lap after pitting.

It was not my night.

Welcome to the new guys. I followed Beachboy66 for a few laps and tried to get close but he had a steady pace. Good racing.
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