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Andretti Autosport #29

I'll be online tonight for a practice race or two.
Not sure if this is right but here goes.
UK,English, Midlands
Age 47
Internet speed not sure but never had problem
Motor sport fan since 5yrs old.Kart raced for a season when I was 18,but realised my ambition far out weighed my talent
Logitech G29
Hitachi 43 inch TV
Sparco seat mounted on home made rig
Situated in purpose built home made shed in garden
I have done a bit of BMW practice and doing some 1:32s at least consistently.   I can not say the same about the Indycar but I am getting there at the slow pace of 1:13 or 1:12 (I forget)  and then I hear a snap on my pedal assembly.  After exploratory disassembly, I found the brake pedal spring broken and would not allow the brake to return fully; once replaced it is all good.  I wonder if my brake spring was already weakening and making me slower unbeknownst to me......Naw!   I will be just as slow as usual. :grin:
Somehow I managed to score a couple of points which I'm pleased with as I just couldn't get the BMW hooked up.

Indycar was better but I pushed too hard early on and cost myself about 20 seconds in 3 serious off track excursions. No damage though which was good.

I never really get to grips with this circuit. Too short, bumpy and technical for my liking.

Good racing as ever though. It's such a relief to not worry about being shunted off by some public lobby U-rated crash monkey.

Keep it up peeps!
So I didn’t do to bad in the first race. I had a good time chasing down ice tea. but the two times I got close enough to try and make a move I lost the car. Tbf I did love the BMW in the wet. it was so fun once you get the hang of hanging on lol.
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Not sure what happened in the Indycar I was just shit! I did the practice session on Wednesday with lmntr and got a good setup with no dramas at all. Then yesterday managed  qualifying fine same setup but come race the car was fucked. Understeer in the slow corners and snap oversteer in fast ones. I got real bad damage on mid race ended up 2 laps down after my pit stop. I did another 3 laps and lost the car twice the last one giving me bad damage again so I just retired to stay out the way. I don’t know maybe it was all in my head. Maybe I got too familiar with BMW and it was all me just being shit. Anyway fuck it let’s just hope the pattern continues of last first last first lol.
That was a strange race. Got a great start but put a Wheel off track and ended up last by turn 1.
Managed to get through the pack fairly quickly more down to good luck really with people jumping off track in front of me.

Pitted in 2nd pretty with not much gap at either in front or behind. Somehow managed to get fairly decent lead after that. Span a few laps from the end back down to 3rd but the guys in front also tripped up and handed me a lucky win.
Race calendar / Re: [PS4][PC2] Indycar and BMW 2002 StanceWorks Championships
« Last post by lmntr on November 08, 2018, 01:53:PM »
Please be aware that the Round # 5 at Indianapolis Oval has been postponed until the following week moving all rounds thereafter one week later.  So Round # 5 is two weeks after Round # 4.
This is going to be tricky in the BMW. A race of attrition hopefully as I have no pace to speak of. Indy should be a blast though.
In the practice sessions I was way off the pace, about 2 seconds in both cars. I was expecting the track to be easy lol. I mainly struggled with the uphill hairpin part of the track. I found that stiffening the springs and raising the ride height really helped stabilise the car. I somehow managed to get second place in qualifying behind Filip who was about 1.5 seconds faster (untouchable lap time). Filip got off the line well with me, Tarbz and Lmntr close behind. On lap 1 I took the last corner wrong cutting the apex and putting me on the dirt. As I get back on track Tarbz comes past and Lmntr is right on my ass into turn one. Over the next 5 laps me and Tarbz battle for 2nd place. Until I manage to get up the inside of him coming out of turn 2. I can’t remember much from the middle of the race I think Tarbz and Filip pitted early and I was on my own. I ended up pitting lap 12 and came back out in 1st about 2 seconds ahead. Then on the out lap at the uphill section I lose the back end “noooooo”. This allowed Filip and Tarbz to get past while im turning around. I did manged to catch back up to Tarbz and we battled for the rest of the race. It was the last lap and I only had one shot around the outside at turn 2. I took it to fast and ran wide onto the dirt and very nearly span out while Tarbz drives away with 2nd. So I finished 3rd and enjoyed the race. Also for some reason my gear ratio was way off in the race compared to qualifying. I was redlining 5th gear for ages going into the last turn.

In the Indy car I ended up doing the similar height and stiffness adjustments to car. Shockingly I managed to get second in quali. I was on pole for ages but Linus in the last 5 minutes pulls out a stonking lap, 1.2 seconds faster.  Due to me being a dumb ass and seting the lap count wrong we had to restart the session before the race (cough twice lol ;) twat). Linus did well with the safety car restart I managed to stay very close as he bolted. I think we were both struggling with the cold tyres for a few laps but stayed really close. On lap 6ish Linus spun coming out of turn 5 right in front of me. “Wow shit” I was so close to wiping him out haha that would have been one hell of a mess. So I was gifted the lead and just kept my head down pulling a good gap to 2nd place. I decided to pit lap 16ish? and requested my pit stop and totally fucked up the last corner and spun out on the start straight. I almost had had to drive backwards down the track to get into the pit lane. At this point I thought fucking hell not again. Lmntr came past while I was in the pits and I came out in second place. What I didn’t realise is Lmntr still had to do his pit stop so I finished in first place amazingly.

I have my onboard saved i will upload when i get chance

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