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I think I got 4th in quali for the GT3 managed to get a good start. Me cream and filip go 3 wide into turn one and turn 2. We race very close for lap and filips pits in. Cream was the soft tyres which seemed to go off after a few laps and he dropped back a bit. Philips and jac just pulled away and I was lapping on my own for the rest of the race and managed to keep 3rd.

In the SP300R I struggled I binned it lap one and ended up last. Managed to gain a few place then spun. Did the same again 3 or 4 times and ended up 9th. I did have some awesome battles with Ice Ade and Rocket along the way. I think I definitely need to do some homework on my setup. Seemed fine at brands 🙄.
I will drop my name here as well as until this race I communicated with Jod through GTPlanet forum.

PSN ID: stanvanasten
Name: Stan
Nationality and Location: Ysselsteyn, Netherlands
Age: 27
Internet Speed: Down 149 Up 98

I use a controller and basically always default setups as I haven't been able to push myself to try and understand the tuning part.
First of all I'd like to say I enjoyed racing with you guys last night. If you have a no show again I'd love to join again.

GT3 race: I was quite satisfied with qualifying middle of the pack and even managed to gain a few places at the start. For the first third of the race I was racing stable around P6 or P7. Only downside, Linus was driving 2 places ahead of me and his car was jumping all around my screen; as in he jumped ahead every few seconds so that his car was sometimes in my braking point. Only car that had this problem. After 15 minutes this caused me to miss my braking point for Copse and trying to correct to aggressively I spun and got wing and suspension damage. This effectively destroyed my race.

Caterham: Qualifying was a bit harder here as I struggled to manage an optimal lap in causing me to start 13th. Fortunately I had a great start jumping to 7th? As I still struggled to keep pace I lost a few places during the opening laps and after a while I was running around 9th and 10th place. Had some good fighting there when Philips was making his way through the field after an early stop I guess. Unfortunately stupid me forgot to select the right pit strategy and trying to select the right one got me on the kerbstone of the last corner of Maggots and Becketts and again I spun right in front of Jod. I finished the race with good pace as a backmarker between the leaders, probably because I decided to change my tires.

One general question: how do we threat blue flags? I took them last night as in F1 ( clear out when necessary ) instead of American ( if the leader has more pace he has to make the move ).

As my first league experience I enjoyed it, found out I have to work a bit on my consistency and spent a little more time on preparing as in strategy / tire choice / fuel level. A check how long I can make tires last would be better as I now changed them on both occasions for security. I hope I showed you guys that I can be a fair and decent addition to your league.
Congratulations to Jac and Phillips on their wins!  :13:
GT3 Race: 
Not such a great qualifying in 13th; still it felt stable and was hoping for a better result in the race.  My tires held up for the race and managed to finish where I started in 13th!  :icon_smile:  One thing worth mentioning was an awesome pass by two fellows that caught up to me and went one each side giving me no choice but to back up!  These fellows were great! Hopefully they will remind me who they were.
Caterham SP300R:
I qualified a lucky 9th considering how many fast drivers are in the grid!  The start went well and after a few laps I felt I could stay up there and was on my way to finish several positions ahead of my qualifying.  I made my pit stop and disaster occurred! My crew chief decided to fill up my fuel tank and kept me there way more than necessary.  I lost several positions and I think I recovered 3?  Anyway, very good race despite the mishap.  See you fellows next at Bannochbrae in the dark!  :icon_mrgreen:
Nice race guys. All clean racing from what I saw.
Gt3 : Ferrari 488 kaspersky motorsport #55

Caterham SP300R:  Team SRT #102
Bentley Continental #17A
PSN ID:Name: gixxerovios
Name: Manos
Nationality and Location: Greece Athens
Actual Age or just bracket:37
Internet Speed:12mb - 0.9mb

Two wheel fun, four wheel sim racer...
T150 and hope within next week T300 GTE - always cockpit cam.

Reserve only for GT3
Championship standings / [PC2] GT3 Class and Caterhem SP300R Championship Tables
« Last post by lmntr on February 06, 2019, 01:12:AM »

* Your best 6 results out of 9 will count towards the individual car and overall championship *
* Results are final pending the completion of any incident investigation *

 Iíve decided to change to the
 GT3: Lamborghini Grasser #63
 Caterham: #67 Cobell Motorsport
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