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Think of viscous lock as like trying to ride a bicycle through a liquid.
The higher the number, the thicker the liquid. 0 is water, 150 is oil, 350 is golden syrup, 500 is black treacle.

The thicker (more viscous) the liquid, the tighter the binding between the axles and the less oversteer.
Awesome night of racing last night, It kind of pisses me off that Iím going to miss 2 races.

First thing I thought when the cars loaded on the grid was how tight it was. Lights go green and I see Lmntrís wheel on my screen WOW how you squeezed through that gap was an Alonso moment I need to see that from a track side cam. Not sure what happened in turn one I did stay to the inside but you seemed to drop back I hope that was not my doing? It was a close race tbf any big off and you would of got passed. Sorry if I was slow going into the pits I had not practiced the entry before the race. I didnít want to risk anything with my luck in the last few races. Hope you didnít get to much damage

The GTE race was EPIC just EPIC start to finish. Lights go green and i tried to squeeze into a gap on the outside and rubbed along the wall lmfao. Tbf the first few laps was very clean as everyone stayed quite close. I had a awesome 5 lap 3 way battle with Cream and Kenny in fact me and Kenny battled until the checkered flag. I was expecting to pit lap 8ish for tyres but they seemed to last better in the race than they did in qualli. The last 2-3 laps my wheel was vibrating like a bitch on the straights it was very sketchy.

First order of business is an apology to Cream for turn 1. Sorry fella. I got in there way too hot. My fault entirely. I had a good run after that but only made places through other's misfortune.

In the GTE I had a great race. First 3 laps tussling with Filip and Nij. I figured fighting was costing me time so gambled on an early stop. I then banged in 6 hot laps and came out ahead of Cream and Bag. A temporary arrangement! At the end I passed Lmntr and Filip in the pits to take a well earned 5th (Nij disconnected). The strategy paid off. Great racing guys.
Thanks for the recommendations Matt.   :great:   Even with the setup changes suggested I feel you still reduce about 2 seconds on your own.   :icon_biggrin:   I will certainly try it for sure.  Specifically, what does more viscous lock supposed to do to the handling?   Vandoorne might need your assistance at McLaren.   :grin:

Iíd love to answer but I havenít got a clue. However if you look on Yorkeiís YouTube channel Iím sure he will have a vid about diffs. In fact Iím going to have a look now I need to get my head around it.

Just found it

What tyres did you run tonight?
That was a fun race. Strategy messed me up but enjoyable.

Well done Jod and Ken not a bad first night chap. 

View of my race
Cheers Buddy and same here, great racing !! Many thanks for the heads up about here as well, I'm hoping I'll fit right in.
Good to have you with us Kenny. That was a great race last night. More if the same tonight I hope.
Hi Buddy.
Many thanks and livery selected (hopefully).
Also, just to let you know.....I'll be away on holiday for the August 9th round at the Nurburgring GP. Shame really as that's my favourite track.
GTE...  Chevy Corvette Mc Cool #50
Formula Renault...    Team D Box #9
Thanks. :great:
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