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The Paddock / SCClockDr Status
« Last post by SCClockDr on August 11, 2018, 02:41:PM »
Hi all
Still trucking along, we are in Bismarck, ND seeing the sights. Will be cruising aboard the Lewis and Clark riverboat Sunday for sunset on the Missouri River. 2 & a half months left in our summer trip. All has gone well ,11K miles so far.
Well 3.5 race held 2nd most of it, not sure what happened to jac but I started catching him in the rain and I think he made a mistake so I got first. GTE race I forgot to fuel up only had enough for 4 laps so I continued with my pit strategy and ended up on wets at lap 5 and they overheated bad that was the end of my race  :banghead: jac sorry for turn 1 I spun out and came straight across your path you know the rest as I've said it all went downhill from there.
I had a fair qualifying run and I believe I made a good start but to my dismay, I had a false start and was on my way to a drive-through penalty; that put me some 20 seconds or so behind after paying the penalty. After that it was just a matter of keeping it together and not to overdo it as sometimes the feeling of urgency can make you do.  I found my pace in the rain very good which was confirmed later by the whole grid telemetry which showed on nij and I were gaining in the wet!  So I finished in 5th due to my drive-through in the start; my only consolation was it could have been somewhere in 2nd Place had I not done a false start.  Oh well, you gain some you loose some.   I made a excellent start in the GTE and was feeling good for it but at the same time dreaded the pace shown in qualifying by others and though I will not have an easy race being always hounded.  There were a couple of times in the first lap I thought I was going to hit someone in the braking zone but thankfully nothing happen considering the accordion effect when in close proximity. Well, I must have hit the brakes a little too long that I received a hit but thankfully there was no major damage.  I gathered it up and put it out of my mind and just continued in full concentration mode.  Then, I saw many do an early pit stop and decided I could have a chance again and to my surprise some laps later I found myself in close battle with Jac for 2nd which lasted the whole race!   For sure he had suffered damaged as I was able to keep up with Jac Verstappen and had some very good clean battles that we finished a second or two at the end.   One thing for sure nij has shown some good pace and the return of Jac has already been felt by him finishing in 2nd twice.  Good racing to be enjoyed for sure in the last two upcoming rounds and I am looking forward to it.
I was looking forward to a battle tonight. Not really sure what happened to Nij and Jac unlucky fellas. Looked like Jac and Lmntr were having a really nice battle for a lot of the race.
Thanks everyone didn't think I would win the GTE race thought bag would be too fast. Had a stinker in the 3.5 trying to push too to build a good lead over cream and ended up spinning into a wall race over. Great racing too chaps
Yeah, superb call on the strategy Nij. Nice one.

I managed two 4th places so I'm chuffed. Make hay while the sun shines!

FR was a challenge but GTE was a good run for me. I also opted for an early stop and then banged in 10 practice laps to find myself in a good position.

I really dislike Nurburgring but also tend to do well there.
I'll be happy to grab some more points.
I had an okay qualifying session in the Renault with a good start that had me a few tense moments.  I made an error in Lap 1 that had me drop to the back so it was just a matter of controlling your aggression and work my way back to the front.  Cream was ahead and Skanda some distance back that I decided I was not going to catch Cream unless he made a mistake so I just brought it home in 3rd.   The GTE Ferrari has been my Achilles Hill in the championship with its oversteery handling when pushed too far.  My team has been trying to bribe one of Creamís team members to obtain a clandestine setup but they wonít take.  In the latter stage of the GTE I found myself just behind Skanda after the pit and my mistake was trying to keep up with him while the fog made it difficult to gauge some of the braking zones so it was inevitable that I would push a little too much and make the Ferrari go into oversteer mode while I watched Skanda pull away on his stuck on rails Ford.  I finished in 5th.   Congratulations to nij_no1 who has shown speed and was able to capitalized with a win!   See you fellows next week at the Nurburgring GP with it threat of rain forecasted.
Well done Nij I was a little surprised when you didnít pit on the last lap credit where itís due. The strategy paid off well played sir.

Hate races like this. I always loose concentration when Iím in front on my own. I didnít think anyone would challenge TBH. I hadnít even looked at the weather settings. My hards were far to cold second part of the race.
This track looks superb in fog.

Started on my setups and managed 1:23.9xx in FR flat out qualy trim.100% AI were doing 1:25.5xx so I'm quite pleased with my pace.

I lowered both my ride height and my camber angles. I turned off the viscous lock diff and got a really pointy car with lots of grip. Now to do the same for the GTE.
What a Formula Renault race!  I did do an Alonso start!; We all started fairly even but somehow I saw I was gaining rapidly on Kenny and then I made split second decision to go right between jod was also gaining and Kenny.  I steered as straight as I could keeping in mind I did not know how close jod was.  phew!!!  Somehow as made it through to be honest it took all three of us to be just as precise not to rub a wheel.   Now, I am not sure if Kenny decided to ease the accelerator not wanting to get involved in a first lap turn 1 incident.   The rest of the race was trying to get close to jod and he only made a slight couple of bobbles that allowed me to close up but I was never any threat unless he had a moment that never happened.  Well, except for pit entry when he slowed down more than I expected or I just left my brake application impossibly too late, which ever way you look it.  This resulted in my front wing damage that caused my marked drop in pace thereafter, while keeping an eye on tarbz, who appeared to be gaining but still too far from me.  I finished a satisfying 2nd Place from 3rd.  If only someone could share my start pass just to indulge myself would be appreciated.  The GTE is another story, I am the type that changes setup very slowly and even though my changes this time improved my performance; I was still behind or very close.  My soft tyres began to affect me in the later stages and though I was controlling it, I managed to spin out while trying to squeeze a little more from them loosing about 7-9 seconds in the process and finishing 6th from 7th.  Now, I wonder if it is worth it replaceing tyres which take the same (9 seconds) and be able to push at the end when everyone has compromised tyres.  :eusa_think:   Congratulations to jod really coming strong on both races and to Kenny on his great recovery from the 1st race to finish 2nd place on the 2nd race.  And not to be discounted is fillip who I know will be a threat once he gets into the zone based on his pace!    See you fellows in Zuhai driving in the Fog!   
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