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Formula Renault: Lugio Motorsport #12
GTE: Corvette, Serious Racing Team #6
Welcome to 10tenths Filip. It's good to have you with us.
Season sign up / Re: Formula Renault 3.5 and GTE Class Championship Sign-up
« Last post by Filip on July 09, 2018, 09:36:PM »
Psn: Filip_Cervin98
Name: Filip
Nationality: Sweden, Helsingborg
Internet speed: Down. 18; Up 4
Age: 20
About myself : Soon to end my gap year and to start studying. Working atm and like to play som online project cars racing from time to time. Fan of F1 and sports in general.
I did a test race against 100% AI yesterday. My pace in the rain is seriously off. I struggled to do under 2 mins. The AI were banging in 1:45 which is weird because in the fry they were doing 1:44 in the dry. Glitch?
Yes, rain really hampers your pace.  I was able to just beat once the 110% AI drivers in the Renault but they did qualify better than I. I managed to get a run on them a little later in the rain; it also teaches you patience in your passing approach.   In the GTE I just can not keep up with them but at least I finish the race at least on the same lap (once).  I did dipped below the 2:00 mark in the GTE but it really takes concentration and self-control not to overdue it by overdriving or even loosing control as they can be very costly about 10 seconds each or more. So you will not make me overdrive this time like Bag managed to make me do in Sakitto.   By the way, my wipers were off on our last rain race.  I had my crew install a wiper switch by my steering wheel so it should not be a problem now.  :grin:
I did a test race against 100% AI yesterday. My pace in the rain is seriously off. I struggled to do under 2 mins. The AI were banging in 1:45 which is weird because in the fry they were doing 1:44 in the dry. Glitch?
My team scraped some funds and I donated some out of my salary to rent the Barcelona track along side water tankers.   :icon_mrgreen:   Well worth it!   I learned some interesting things about changing track conditions and tire wear, namely the left right rain tire;  it wears out fast! :icon_surprised:   I feel the left front tire wear will be a limiting factor almost like an equalizer.  The fast fellows will overheat it and wear out and the slower fellows will make them last :icon_neutral:    Hopefully I am somewhere in the middle of the range to enjoy the best of both scenarios.   :icon_biggrin:
  Sakitto has to be one of the best tracks on the game. Well apart from the pit entry that’s kind of fucked up lol. The whole night awesome although I really don’t know what is going on with my Formula Renault season. I just don’t seem to get much luck in these races. I went wide on turn 2 at the start and then waited for everyone to go passed. Hah lovely back of the grid now I thought.I slowly start to catch up and get passed a few people and managed to get in to 2nd place. After looking at times and knowing everyone bar Lmntr had pitted. I thought to myself yeah I could win this but then this happened  :undecided: how the fuck can a USB wheel disconnect? Argghhh man wtf the car was fucked, I struggled to get into pits and came out 2 laps down after repairs.  :banghead:It was still an epic race for me the combo was awesome  :great:.

  In the GTE race i managed 2nd in quali everyone got off the line good stayed quite close. Lap 2 Nij spun turn one gifting me the lead. “Awesome 3 second gap just keep it on track & you’ll be fine”. Nope 1 or 2 laps later off I go at spoon kiss the wall and get some slight aero and suspension damage. I was trying to work out if I was losing time and if it’s worth pitting for repairs. I decided to stay out as there was no one really around me and the gap was not drastically changing. For the next 8 or so laps I found myself alone with Lmntr and bag 11 seconds up the road very close together. Then on lap 12 I hear Bag say unlucky and notice a dot not moving.  :icon_biggrin: “Ouuoouu  Lmntr has gone off come on lets get him” Not sure if he had damage but I slowly closed the gap and with 3 laps left and I’m on his arse. Trying to stay as close as I can in the twisty bits to get the slip stream on the straights. At the end of that lap I followed him into the pits trying to maintain the gap. “2 laps come on lets do this” Were half second apart for most of it and on the last lap and I take spoon fast hoping to get the slip stream down the back straight but he was way too fast for that. I take 130R as fast as I can but the gap remains the same. Then on the last corner Lmntr gets unsettled and runs a bit wide and scrubs some speed off. “Yeah come on come on” I get along side and as we hit the straight where neck and neck the split time is reading zero. Were about 20 meters away from the finishing line and our names switch and i steal 2nd place. “yeahhhhhhh  Get in” :cheer: wow that was an intense few laps. Here is my GTE race skip to lap 12-15

We may be low on numbers but the quality of racing here is amazing.
I reckon that's a racing incident Legacy. Don't sweat it dude. JAC and I were pushing hard.

I did well considering that I had no practice. The GTE was twitchy on the kerbs though. Still I somehow made it to the end on a single set of soft tyres. I'm getting really good at preserving tyres in the GTE.

FR was a blast though. Nij and I swapped places by making mistakes several times. I finished about 2 metres behind him.

Great racing guys. I'm psyched about Barca in the rain. Bring it!
I was lucky to get a win tbh.

I thought we were going to be into a good scrap but both Nij and Myself did the same thing at the first corner. Totally out of the blue like a pair of spinning tots. I don’t know why at all I wasn’t pushing and it didn’t happen in Q. Sorry I hit you Nij I was a passenger in this one.

After that I got lucky with other people wanting to become lawn mowers. Had a good old time catching Lmntr closed fairly steadily at first then the closer I got the harder it was. Shame he spam out.

Missed the first race, and was totally unprepared for the GTE race and was a good 3-4 seconds off the pace.

Race started OK, but I was not happy with this Ferrari, it's like driving on ice, no idea what is going on lol.

Anyway, BIG apology to Skanda, I totally decked it in Degna 2 that nicely reshaped my front bumper, and I saw that Jac and Skanda were coming through Degna 1.  I thought, I have time to get it back on track and carry onto the pits for repair.  I did get it back on track, and nicely lined up to carry on.  The problem is, it put me near the race line, and as I was going about 3mph, rather than staying put I decided to shift it to the left and attempt to get out the way so these boys could carry onto 300R as they would normally.  Jac managed to get past...just, but unfortunately I was in the way of Skanda and he shunted up my rear.  I should have stayed put, but I was actually trying to get out the way, but we both went to the left :(  SORRY SKANDA!!!!!

Anyway, I got to the pits, had a go at my crew as this car is a big pile of steaming turd!  I threw my helmet down and blamed the car, but he said it's not the car, it's the fact I am shit.  So I threw an apple at him, and he sacked me! 

I need to find another manufacturer for next week!!!  Ford is looking a likely option 
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