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Race calendar / Re: [PS4][PC2] Indycar and BMW 2002 StanceWorks Championships
« Last post by lmntr on November 19, 2018, 05:46:PM »

Indianapolis has been recalculated to 25 laps on the BMW and 36 laps on the Indycar.
The bmw race was intense and I was not really battling with anyone. Didnít really see much action tbf. I jumped Ade in the pits and got p3.

In the Indy car I bogged down on the start and stayed wide into the first corner. Then just got mixed up in the mess and was last into the pits. Left the pits did a lap then shunted the wall = damage. Stayed out for a few laps hit another wall and the car was fucked. Pitted again for what seemed like forever did another3 laps then hit someoneís front wing which destroyed mine. Pitted again got mixed up with the pit limiter and got disqualified. Typical indy car race do well in practice session and quali and donít finish the race.
Had a couple of nightmare laps. Lap 4 I slid, hit a wall and stalled it. When recovering from that I hit the PS button dumping me back to the PS main menu for a few seconds. Then on lap 9 I caught the Pit Limiter button on the wheel turning through last corner. Couldn't figure out what was going on until I hit it again going into the pits, turning the limiter off and getting a whopping 50sec penalty for speeding in the pits.  :embarrassed: I will be moving the pit limiter off the wheel and onto my button box, and will create something to cover the PS and options buttons on the wheel to stop them getting touched accidentally.

Apart from these laps, I enjoyed the racing. Was able to keep up with the back of the pack, didn't hit anyone and let those lapping me past without too much bother. You guys are all so very good, thanks for having me.
BMW: #70 please

I'll update with team name tonight.

I'm sorry for my Pastor Maldonado impression in the Indycar.

BMW was better until I hit the wall on the lap after pitting.

It was not my night.

Welcome to the new guys. I followed Beachboy66 for a few laps and tried to get close but he had a steady pace. Good racing.
Please keep in mind the laps for each car will be re-calculated. 
I had a good start in the BMW and dodged some incidents but in the early part of the race I was punted at the round-about and had to wait for the last car.  Somehow I managed to gather it and just go about and do consistent laps and finished in 7th out of qualifying in 9th.  My Indycar was a disaster, I managed to get a good start and decided to go on the left of the road since the right was crowded and somehow lost track of the brake markers watching the cars too intently that I did not have enough time to slow down for the car already occupying the entry point to turn 1.  Sorry about that.  I went about to the pit for repairs and destroyed my fresh front wing just coming out of pit exit road once again.  I did a second repairs pit stop and this time I took it to careful and somehow I finished in 7th !
Managed to race the Bmw but after being collected in someoneís accident had to pit but it put wrong tyre pressures in and made the car a pig to drive I pulled into the pits and took the time to put my daughter to bed.

Indy somehow managed 3rd after a disaster of a start. Again collected in T1 huge damage 1.57 min pit stop. Phil had some really fast pace in this Tonight  :thumb_up:
BMW Klark Engineering #81
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