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 I have not experienced this but apparently it happens when the main session timer has already expired and you get the additional timer to finish your lap while someone is attempting to get another qualifying lap in.  What I suggest to do is something similar to what GZR_SCClock mentioned:  If you are not going to complete your qualifying lap before the main session clock expires, then you should remove yourself from the track before it does.    Having said that, we will certainly accommodate anyone who’s game has locked up despite taking all precautions to prevent this from happening. 
Add 5 minutes to qualifying & have everyone exit the track 5 minutes less a slow lap early. For a 20 minute qualification  & 2 minute nominal lap, make it 25 minutes with everyone off @ the 23 minute mark. You can eliminate the ready time as there is 3 minutes to prep for the start. Institute a penalty procedure for staying beyond the 23 minute mark.
I've been flatout prepping our truck & trailer for this summer's Alaska trip. Cold weather has really compressed our prep schedule. Just doing late night open lobbies.
Yeah this would be good for everyone's sake, nothing worse then spending 30 minutes qualifying for a race you're not able to take part in
Hi all. Just wondering if some contingency can be added to the league rules for end of session crashes. I'm referring to this:-

I thought it was my PS4 but I'm getting this more and more (around 25% of the time!) and some others in the same session were also experiencing the same problem. The game crashes the moment you cross the start/finish line and the only fix is to kill the game - by which time you can't rejoin the session.

In some leagues we have been screen-shotting the results screen and running a 1 lap rolling start race in the order of quali.

Be a real bummer for me, Jac or Bag or anyone else to lose a championship because of this latest issue. I think whoever gets this should be able to call a rolling start in the PSN message system.
Bummer. I saw the gap with you and Jac in the Lotus race and was praying for you to take 2nd off him. I had no idea that happened!

Intense racing throughout. Great fun. Usually happens towards the end of a season when we're all starting to get on top of the cars and get more confidence in them. Perhaps a longer season would be a good idea? However, the patch changes to the Lotus has turned out to be quite a reset button! It was plain scary from my pov especially with Jac on my tail for most of it. I had two near spins and I double-downshifted into turn one which caused the rears to lock.

Bag braking early into the final chicane set up quite a scrap for the lead that lasted several laps. :) The result makes the GT5 championship a bit more interesting I think but Jac is still way out in front? I only have a mathematical chance really. I need to win every race pretty much...

Well, that didn't work out too well for me today... Especially the Lotus race. I was pretty much cruising in 3rd when Jac suddenly lost a lot of speed and I could overtake him approaching the final chicane. I saw him in my mirrors and 2 green arrows meaning 2 lengths and I chose my normal braking point, not sure if I underestimated Jac's braking or he overestimated his, but I ended up on my roof, resetted but with 99% engine damage (which I failed to notice, otherwise I would have shifted to 2nd or 3rd, but my engine blew just meters before the finish: gutted, but shit happens...
In the Ginetta the race was close and fun, in the last lap however bad luck struck again going into the 2nd corner with 2 or 3 cars and lmntr coming out of the pits I tried to stay as far to the right as possible, but when I had to tap the brakes to stay on the track I got a tap from the driver on my tail (probably didn't expect that or was too close to react) which caused me to spin off the track, again, shit happens when you race this close and he was worse off than me.
Setting up the car is part of the ability. Rene Arnoux and Nelson Piquet would testify to that! :p
The Paddock / Re: The Paddock Bar
« Last post by HOOF HARTED on April 12, 2018, 05:30:PM »
Hahaha, that would be MENTAL!!!!!!!! :steeringwheel: :steeringwheel: :undecided: :undecided:
Share the wealth, then it's ability v ability?  :iagree: :iagree:
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