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Suggestions / Re: New Season Possibilities
« Last post by jod08 on Today at 11:58 AM »
We could just race at Dubai every week lol
Suggestions / Re: New Season Possibilities
« Last post by Skanda-Five on Today at 08:55 AM »
We do need to review the race dates to make sure the track temp is high enough to generate heat for the tyres.
Suggestions / Re: New Season Possibilities
« Last post by lmntr on January 20, 2019, 01:25:PM »
You have a point there.  I entered a lobby yesterday running the GTE Class and I used my usual Ferrari setup with the hard tires and I just could not handle the car at all and after the session ended I noticed that the date was set on the 19th of January.  I changed the date to our usual standard of 1st of August and suddenly I was more racy.

Edit:  Looking at the poll looks like the cars are very close; we need all the votes that we can get.
Suggestions / Re: New Season Possibilities
« Last post by LinusFallimento on January 20, 2019, 05:58:AM »
I would also like to add that April and May are probably too cold for these cars. Tire temps just keep dropping and you lose the back very quickly. Running in warmer conditions is a different (much better) experience, especially for the FC and the Caterham. Just my 2 cents.
Suggestions / Re: New Season Possibilities
« Last post by lmntr on January 19, 2019, 09:38:PM »
Be aware that the vote tally will be visible only after you submit your vote.   I chose the Cat for its engine sound.  They all handle similarly but the other engine sounds donít do anything for me.  I need engine sounds to compliment the experience.   :13:
Suggestions / New Season Possibilities
« Last post by jod08 on January 18, 2019, 01:46:PM »
feel free comment below about your choice :ecomcity:
Comgratulations to LinusFalimento and Creamofsumjungi on their respective wins!
jod08 on the BMW Championship!  Filip_Cervin98 on the  BMW and Indycar and Overall Combined  Championship!
The Indycar Championship goes to Phillips_2891 who would have won all titles had he been able to compete the last round!
 :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :flag: :flag: :flag: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :great: :13: :icon_mrgreen: :eusa_dance:

The BMW:  I qualified 2nd Place and was on route to a possible win but I had to get greedy on my pit inlap and kissed the wall.  :banghead:  Still, I salvaged 3rd place.

Indy:  I qualified a lucky 2nd place but I knew it was going to be tough to beat these fellows.  I installed the hard tires thinking I could maybe get an advantage even though the pace was slower but I was not to be and finished in 3rd place.  It was a great championship!   Thanks to everybody that participated even if it was once, so thankful for being part of it.   :great:

Please be sure to analyze the tables to make sure I did not make a mistake.
Just had enough time to do one so here it is.
Later I might post the last laps off the bmw race from the replay and my view unless someone beats me to it.  I also have my chicane video.

I would be interested in seeing the race from your view, I'm keen to see how some of you guys get the speed and times you do.
Congratulations to Phillips and Cream!  :cheer:

BMW Race was epic in the last two laps for me!  :grin:  I had qualified a respectful 3rd and at the start I managed to get 2nd I think from Filip, but it did not mean I had clear sailing as he hounded me for ever and then he made a pit stop?  Later around lap 6 I began to see Driver and Cream shorten the gap and I fell momentarily in the clutches of Cream but somehow by luck I managed to edge him to regain my position.  I made my pit stop in lap 9 and to my surprise, I emerged into a crowed race track!  I was not sure what would happen but it turned out to be some epic racing from all of us there!  I at one point I dropped to 4th but because we were so close any bobble would prove costly and by luck somehow I regained 2nd position!   

Indycar Race was a big mess up on my part!  :banghead:  I had qualified in 5th and somehow I managed to gain two positions through other's mishaps and was drafting Linus.  Well, it did not work too well as we went into the chicane with me on the left side;  the fronts stayed planted but the rears began to slide out as I was rotating on my way to a spin, as the car was nearly stopped I caught sight of a broken wing bouncing on the grass and I thought "I do not think it is mine"  and then realized that Linus and I must have touched and he hit something.  I waited on the side of the road and was about to go back on to the pavement and had to wait for the remaining drivers still to come at speed. After they all passed then I went onto the road unbeknownst to me that Linus was also coming and we touched again.  I waited more until I saw him get in front and then I went on my way.    The rest was just a painful recovery drive of what it could have been instead with Linus, Cream and I fighting maybe for the win.  I felt so bad for Linus, my apologies.

Later I might post the last laps off the bmw race from the replay and my view unless someone beats me to it.  I also have my chicane video.
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